FreeBSD Day Livestream Training

Be sure to check out the FreeBSD livestream, there are two of my training videos that I created specially for FreeBSD Day on there along with a variety of FreeBSD related videos. FreeBSD Day Livestream. FYI National FreeBSD Day is June 19th. More FreeBSD training is in the works. Feel free to download the first two training videos using the following links: Basic Advanced

You can either click the link and watch the video in the web browser, which may buffer while loading, or you can simply right click the link and "save link as" to save the video for viewing offline with no buffering at all.

What's in store for is slowly but surely being transformed into an online training platform. You'll see more tutorial links posted in the near future, but the end goal is a more feature rich place to learn about BSD technologies.

BSD Articles

Be sure to check out my trip report from my first BSDCan that was published in the FreeBSD Journal. You can either read it in the journal or read it on the FreeBSD Foundation Blog.

I'm a proud donor to the FreeBSD Foundation. Proud Donor

EuroBSDCon 2018

I was a speaker at EuroBSDCon 2018. I'm currently working on my trip report and will post information about it here shortly.

BSDCan 2017 Photos


The primary goal of is to create a lab environment for testing various BSD distributions with the intent of learning enough to be able to pass the BSD Associates Exam. From there I'd like to pursue the BSD Professional Certification from the BSD Certification Group and document my experiences with BSD, Python, Certification and CSS. I'm also considering joining the BSD Advisory Committee that is being created with the BSDCG merging with LPI which you can read about more here.

First steps

The preliminary plan is as follows:

Longer term

There will be various follow-up projects intended to help support and